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TradeKing is a privately held discount brokerage firm with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and subsidiary offices in Charlotte, NC.
TradeKing was ranked the #1 discount broker in 2006 and 20078 by SmartMoney, the Wall Street Journal¡¯s business magazine.
In SmartMoney¡¯s 2008,9 200910 and 201111 surveys, TradeKing finished top-four overall. The firm earned the maximum five stars for customer service in 2008, 201012 and 2011.
TradeKing earned four stars in Barron's five-years running (2007,13 200814 2009,15 201016 and 201117) in Barron's Annual Survey of Best Browser-Based Online Brokers.
TradeKing earned four stars and finished fourth overall in the 2011 Online Broker Review and was also recognized as having the Best Investor Community.18 In 2012, they earned four stars, a sixth place finish, and Best Investor Community.19 For 2013, TradeKing earned three and a half stars, a sixth place finish, and Best Investor Community as well as Most Innovative Broker.20 In 2014, they placed tenth with a three and a half star rating and won #1 Trader Community.21
Consumer Reports also ranked TradeKing third out of 19 brokerages reviewed in an independent survey conducted in May 2007.
Independent product reviewers often rank TradeKing positively for its customer service, trading platform, low pricing, and active community.2324252627 Critics often cite high commissions for penny stock trades28 and lack of paper trading platforms.2930
Investors need to know that the website has a great deal of hidden small print and it is essential that they read all terms including the page about fees (lack of immediate upfront transparency, due diligence required). A couple of examples: --If users try to make a purchase of less than $100 in OTC penny stocks , they will get a message at time of attempted purchase "Due to the additional cost of maintenance on Pink Sheet and OTC-BB securities, we require a minimum purchase of $100 for each trade."31 --There is a $50 "Inactivity Charge" assessed by the company on any account that is inactive: "Accounts with no trading activity may be subject to an annual Inactivity Charge. This $50 annual charge will be assessed only if both of the following two criteria apply to your account(s): No trades have been executed in your household account(s) in the last 12 months. AND The combined value of your household account(s) is less than $2,500...." this online brokerage has MANY not-so- obvious fees that must be actively found out by the user as shown on this page: 32 This company became the new broker for all the old users of, which merged with Tradeking; Zecco's terms and fees were far different from Tradeking's so these "grandfathered in" users may need to read up on the terms of the current site owner (Tradeking), where their accounts were transferred to, as they could be adversely affected by them without any direct individual notification.
Consumer Reports says its staff purchases all tested products at retail prices, anonymously in "most cases",6 and that they accept no free samples in order to prevent bias from bribery or from being given better than average samples.3 However, in order to review some products before they are publicly available CR does accept "press samples" from manufacturers but says pays for the samples and does not include them in ratings.6 For most of CR's history it minimized contact with government and industry experts "to avoid compromising the independence of its judgment." In 2007, in response to errors in infant car seat testing, it began accepting advice from a wide range of experts on designing tests, but not on final assessments.18 Also, at times CR allows manufacturers to review and respond to criticism before publication.