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Milton Hershey not only transformed the business of making chocolate, he also established an enduring model of responsible community stewardship. We have made a positive impact in our communities for more than 100 years. Our marketplace success makes this investment possible.
Here at The Hershey Company, we positively impact society and local communities where we live and work through corporate philanthropy, employee giving and volunteerism, and corporate contribution of time and expertise.
Following the legacy of our founder, we focus our philanthropic efforts on non-profits supporting kids and kids at risk.
We work to help those in need by supporting numerous nonprofit organizations, through financial and product donations, and organizational support. Our employees and retirees are active partners in these efforts, volunteering their time and giving generously to make a positive difference where it's most needed.
Within the Hershey Company, individual employee volunteers are an important part of our community involvement, and we support them in their donation of time. In our ¡°Dollars for Doers¡± program we donate $250 to the charity of their choice, if they participate in 50 hours of community service over one year. Employee participation in ¡°Dollars for Doers¡± increased by 34% from 2009-2010. In 2010, we donated funds to over 40 different organizations through this program.
The Hershey Company is proud of our product donations to the U.S. military. Our donation program enables employees to send a case of Hershey products to family and friends serving overseas. We prepare and mail care packages to troops, and have sent 1,320 cases of products since the program began. We take care to send the best Hershey¡¯s products for their geographic location. Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq receive products like TWIZZLERS Candy, GOOD & PLENTY Candy and PAYDAY Peanut Caramel Bar which can withstand the heat. We¡¯re honored to be able to share our Hershey Happiness with the troops, and we recognize the impact that our care packages can have on their morale. As one soldier shared with us, the REESE¡¯S Peanut Butter Cups we sent him made the homesick soldiers very happy.
Children¡¯s Miracle Network is a non-profit alliance of children¡¯s hospitals dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care, life-saving research and preventative education across North America. Our long-standing relationship with Children¡¯s Miracle Network has impacted the lives of many children. ¡°The years of partnership that we¡¯ve had with The Hershey Company are invaluable. Thanks to the leadership and commitment of its employees, The Hershey Company is directly responsible for helping hundreds of thousands of children and their families have a better tomorrow.¡± - Marie Conley, Director of Children¡¯s Miracle Network.
In total, we proudly support over 1,400 organizations with our corporate donations including: The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, and Dress for Success, to name a few.