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Cord for Life® Foundation, Inc. helps save the lives of people with life-threatening illness by offering the highest-quality cord blood collection services available. Expectant mothers have the opportunity to save someone's life who may need a stem cell transplant by simply donating their child's cord blood, a simple and painless process. Medical providers have the unique opportunity to educate and assist their clients in this wonderful gift.
According to the National Marrow Donor Program®, an estimated 45,000 to 50,000 stem cell transplants (bone marrow, PBSC, or cord blood) are performed annually worldwide to treat patients with life-threatening malignant and non-malignant diseases. As science is continuing to discover new uses for stem cells in health recovery and regenerative medicine this number is likely to significantly increase.
UCB stem cells are not the same as Embryonic stem cells. Today, cord blood stem cells are successfully and routinely being used and have been saving lives for over 20 years.
Donating cord blood increases the chances that patients who might benefit from stem cell transplant are able to have one quickly.
Cord Blood Banking is a routine process. It's quick, easy and painless and happens after the birth of your newborn baby. So, why not "pay it forward" and help someone in need today.
The majority of expectant mothers are eligible to donate their childĄ¯s cord blood. Regulatory standards require that the mother be 18 years of age or older and provide a complete health history after enrollment to ensure the safety of the mother, the child and the stem cell unit for unrelated transplant. Answer the questions below to determine if you meet the initial eligibility requirements.
Mr. Hudspeth has over 17 years of clinical laboratory experience as a certified Medical Technologist (ASCP), including ten years with the University of North Carolina Hospitals. Mr. Hudspeth is licensed by the State of Florida as a Clinical Laboratory Supervisor in Immunohematology, Hematology, Serology, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Pathology and Microbiology as well as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, is a registered Technologist with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and a member of the American Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT). He has also enjoyed teaching Immunology to Clinical Laboratory Science and medical school students at UNC while working in the UNCH clinical labs. At Lifeforce Cryobanks, Mr. Hudspeth serves as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all operations and the daily laboratory operations to ensure that the highest quality in all aspects of donor selection and cord blood collection, processing, and storage is maintained. He also works with Quality Assurance to ensure full compliance by Lifeforce Cryobanks to all applicable regulations. Mr. Hudspeth has sat on numerous cord blood focused committees and advisory groups. Additionally, Mr. Hudspeth served as the Clinical Investigator for Lifeforce Cryobanks as they evaluated and approved a new processing methodology to isolate stem cells from cord blood while depleting the unwanted red cells. Mr. Hudspeth works with groups, individuals, or government agencies to bring cord blood banking to countries around the world. He is responsible for training medical professionals worldwide in cord blood processing at our Florida location. In addition, he travels overseas to assist in the initial setup and implementation of the new facilities to ensure their compliance and quality. Mr. Hudspeth has assisted in opening new cord blood facilities in Europe and in SE Asia.