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Donation Letter

Do you need to write a donation letter for your organization? If you receive funding of any type, you will need a strong letter to send to donors in order to secure funding. Letters are essential for building relationships with donors and to remind those who have generously supported your cause in the past to consider donating once again.
Most organizations receive donations to support their various efforts throughout the year. Donation letters are one way to ask donors for funding. The attached printable donation letter templates can be saved to your computer's desktop or printed out then used as needed. They can help you get started when preparing your own letters and can be tailored to your organization's individual needs.
Organizations send out appeal letters on a yearly basis. Appeals are often used to bring in large amounts of money to support an organization's programs and expand on new endeavors. A basic donation letter will describe the organization, what the campaign's goal is as well as details on why donations are needed. The attached donation letter template can be used for an organization's annual appeal and can be tailored to include specifics related to your cause.
Holding a special event is a great way for an organization to bring in large amounts of funds. Many organizations include a live or silent auction as part of the event's activities. A letter is often the first notice that individuals and businesses will receive that the event will take place. A letter will mention what type of auction item donations are needed as well as details of the upcoming event. Use the attached auction item donation letter template for soliciting donations to be used in the auction.
To raise funds annually, many churches ask their members for support. The attached church donation letter template can be used for a church's annual campaign and be sent to members of the church. Letters can also be sent to ask for funding for specific programs or initiatives.
Letters are often sent to parents of children who are students at a particular school. Since schools have various fundraisers through out the year, parents are often contacted for support. The attached school fundraising letter can be sent to parents in hope that they will show their support by sending in a monetary donation, volunteer their time or donate an item to be used as part of a fundraiser.
For those wanting to contact a potential donor in an informal manner, use the attached email donation request template. This template is perfect to send to those who have agreed to support you cause or who are familiar with your efforts.